Arminy Watches

Chairman’s Message

The success of Al-Bader Alali Trading Company. For watches and electronics for more than two decades is a result of joint efforts, which confirmed the company’s commitment to the finest standards which are headed by ethics, the search for the latest in the world of watches, such as highest quality, commitment to promises we made promises throughout this period. Our motto “Customer is First”. Our products are of Arminy watches , Revaro , Crown Bernnard , Astro with high-quality , high-end designs and the latest fashions to give elegance to your wrist. We are looking forward to meet our customer’s expectations which require us to put up significant efforts to design the valuable smile on their faces. Our goal is always to provide the finest classic and modern designs to suit all occasions. (This because we believe every hand should have a watch) The services that we’ve been and continue to offer our customers over two decades which are embodied in after sale services, real guarantees and accuracy in performance has earned us unmatched credibility. Our ambition has no limits, Living in the Empty Quarter desert has thought us patience and perseverance, and stepping up to become a distinguished name in the world of watches and Electronics. Present in most major cities in the KSA and our ambition Gulf countries and the world. Inviting those who feel excited and enthusiastic to surf our site. Our goal is to gain your trust which we ensure our continuation to the best. Chairman Sheikh / Saeed Bin Brak Bin Asalah Alamri Deputy of Alamri Tribes